Tasting famous spring rolls from the North to the South of Vietnam

You believe that while in Hanoi, you get to taste a big variety of spring rolls from each region of Vietnam, no worries, just follow the guide Ducivan of Hanoi food tour who is an expert of Hanoi cuisine and he shows us where are the best for each spring rolls at food stalls in Hanoi Old Quarter. Now check some food out

Hue lemongrass skewer


The lemongrass skewer is considered as one of the specialties of Thue Thien Hue, which any one visiting this province will give it a try at least one time. The dish brings itself the unique taste of the central region of Vietnam and then leaves a deep impression to domestic and international tourists.

The way to make the lemongrass skewer is quite simple, with minced meat, sliced pork skin, small fat pieces, which are all marinated with salt, pepper, sugar and roasted rice powder. Then, the cooker will skew the mixture through small bamboo sticks and grill it on charcoal. While grilling, the aromatic taste releasing from the lemongrass skewers will attract a lot of people’s attention.

While eating, it is often served with rice paper, herbs, sour star fruits, green banana and figs. The dish is the great combination of different flavors like the aroma of grilled meat with the spicy of pepper and chili, sweet and sour taste of dipping sauce and the coolness of fresh herbs. Actually, you also can try this dish in Hanoi. In case you need a companion to introduce Vietnamese traditional dishes, let’s do with a local guide by a Hanoi street food tour to enjoy it at the address 27 Ma May street, Hoan Kiem district

Tre (Binh Dinh bologna)


Talking about the fermented pork rolls, we cannot miss Tre Binh Dinh (bologna). The ingredients to make this famous dish are all familiar to the local people, including pork ear, pork head meat, bacon and spices like sesame, galangal, chili, young guava leaves and garlic.

Rolling Binh Dinh bologna is a very important and complicated step. The ingredients to roll tightly is a layer of banana leave and young guava leave. Then, it will be wrapped with thick layer of straws and tightened by bamboo strings. This way of wrapping can keep this dish for many days. Tre Binh Dinh is fermented naturally. After 2-3 days, it will be gradually well done with the typical taste.

In Lunar New Year holidays, this dish cannot be missed on the ancestor’s altar of every family in Binh Dinh.

The address: 49 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Hoan Kiem district

Ninh Hoa grilled meat rolls


Ninh Hoa grilled meat roll has its own unique flavor because it is cooked from the famous local pig meat. A kind of grilled dish combined with dipping sauce and fresh herbs will attract both locals and tourists.

A portion of grilled meat roll is quite a lot, including 6-8 pieces of grilled meat and crunchy fried rice papers. It will be served with many kinds of spices and herbs, especially cucumber and sour pickles. Ninh Hoa grilled pork roll is one of tourists’ favorite dishes so for anyone who wants to take a guide food tour in Hanoi to enjoy this dish, come with us to have great time together while tasting Vietnamese food at 56 Hang Bac street (next to the IBanh My shop)

Lai Vung spring rolls (Dong Thap)


Lai Vung spring rolls have red pink color, wrapped in banana leaves to be served at parties or family’s daily meals. Also, this dish is quite suitable to eat as snack because of its sour and spicy taste.
It is pretty complicated to cook Lai Vung spring rolls, depending on each family’s secret. The lean will be taken out thew and fat and sliced. Then, mince it with salt and sugar. Mix it with pork skin and roasted rice powder with pepper and garlic slices. Finally, wrap it with Tiger’s claw leaves and banana leaves.

When tasting, you will feel the sour, spicy, salty and sweet taste of this roll. If you want the dish crunchier, you can add more slices of pork skin. Without a guided tour, you probably have not found on your own. Trust us!