About 150km far from Hanoi centre, Dong Cao is suitable for a weekend picnic that backpackers can get rid of the summer heat and escape the hustle and bustle of cities.

Considered as a small Tam Dao or Mau Son manner of Bac Giang province, Dong Cao surprises many visitors by the peaceful and fresh air, covering a large plateau. Dong Cao is located at an altitude of nearly 1,000 m above sea level, about 20 km from Son Dong district, Bac Giang province.


When to go?

Located in the Northeast at a height of 600m, Dong Cao has a cool climate in summer and is relatively cold in winter. The road to Dong Cao is also a dirt road and quite steep, not suitable to travel in rainy seasons. According to this information, backpackers are suggested to go to Cao Cao around September to November when the North has almost no more rains so it is the dry weather that is very suitable for camping. If you go in the summer (June-August) you pay attention to follow the weather forecast to avoid unexpected things such as a storm.

Tips to remember

One of the best moments of the day is a sunrise and sunset. At the time, this place is like a mysterious land that attracts photographers

Dong Can still is an off the beaten path in Hanoi suburbs therefore when you visit to this plateau for picnic, you need to prepare something yourself prior to arrival such as food, camps, drinks..


When setting a camp, avoid windy direction

Apart from the ancient rocks with many strange shapes carved on them lying on the grassy hill, you can see many buffaloes fed leisurely green grasses by local farmers. In addition to sightseeing in Dong Cao, you can explore some waterfalls, natural streams in the surrounding area.

Camping overnight is a very popular activity for backpackers and youths as well when they come to Dong Cao. One of tips if you want to set fire to camp and stay overnight, remember to choose a flat place to set up a tent. Before that, you can buy firewood in the foothills at locals’ houses. When you travel with a huge group, you should rent a large tent with a 8 person capacity. Wherever you travel in Vietnam, one of the things you have to remember is to bargain prices. At Dong Cao, it cost $10 per day and $5 for the next day.

In the case, you have a small group so the best thing is to explore the life of the Dao ethnic minority by your own way at the foot of the mountain, and the best way to immerse into their culture, their life is to stay in homestay. Here you get to meet tribes and find out how their life looks like.  You can also explore Mau Son mountain is similar to this plateau

The temperature here is always lower than in the neighbors. If you intend to stay overnight, please remember to bring a thin coat, a warm blanket, flashlight, a kettle and an insect repellent. Especially, you need to bring enough water and don’t forget to clean up rubbish before leaving

How to get there?

From Hanoi, backpackers can rent a motorbike and ride along along Highway 1 to Bac Giang city and then turn to Son Dong district. Upon arrival in Cam Dan bridge, turn left across the two communes of Chien Son, Phuc Thang and straight to Dong Cao. It takes around 4-5 hours

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In addition to the modern architecture works, Da Nang make tourists be allured by the friendly services, the hospitable welcome of local people and other wonderful things.


The beauty of Da Nang at the late afternoon

New York Times chosen Da Nang is one of the ideal destinations in the world in 2015 because this place treasures the beautiful white sand along the coastline. However, actually, the city makes people impressed by the innovative and civil image with many new things.

Below are ten reasons to recognize Da Nang is the worth living city. And the route Da Nang – Hoi An is one of the most popular package tours in the our travel agent. From Hanoi while visiting the capital, no worries, Let’s find out with Hanoi Ultimate Adventures, we specialize in providing amazing tours in Hanoi that bring unique experiences to travelers

The city of interesting and new architecture works

Splendid beauty of the city under the light
Da Nang treasures the top modern architecture works in Vietnam such as Ba Na Hills – Road to the heaven, Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Sun Wheel, A La Carte Hotel and so on

Right the middle of the Tourism axis: Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An

If Hue and Hoi An make tourists remember about the image of ancient cities, Da Nang evokes the friendly atmosphere because of the civilization and dramatic transformation after each visit. So, it is also a reason why many tourists feel like they want to come back next time.

The beauty of Dragon Bridge


Dragon Bridge

In the top 30 world’s most impressive bridges, Dragon Bridge can not only show up its beauty but also make impressive fires.

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills
Many visitors regard Ba Na Hills as “Da Lat” of the central region in Vietnam. It is just far from Da Nang about 25km. Especially, in Ba Na Hills, it is cold all year round. Even in the much cloudy days, Ba Na Hills will be covered a white color like the frost. If you plan to travel to Da Nang, do not forget this wonderful tourist site.

No need to bargain when buying in Da Nang


Selling and buying at Con Market

Not matter where you from or what you do, the locals are always friendly and helpful when you ask for directions, hotel address and even they will introduce you some motorbike taxi drivers to be the “tour guide” if you arrive in Da Nang in the first time. They will enthusiastically give you the names of restaurants serving the delicious but cheap food, the means of transportation to travel or how long to visit any certain place.

Non-profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital

Humantarian Hospital for the poor
Since establishment, there are lots of poor people coming from Da Nang and other provinces of central region have chance to be examined and treated for free at this extremely modern and spacious hospital. Referring to the works of the cancer hospital, it looks like a hotel meeting 5 star standards rather than a hospital for the poor.

Free Wi-Fi all around the city

Free Wi-Fi all around the city
Da Nang is the place you can use free Wi-Fi at every corner of the city. There is no city in Vietnam but Da Nang providing such the special free service. Started from July 10, 2014, the city officially offer Wi-Fi coverage in the central areas to help locals and tourists connect internet stably and regularly

Cheap but delicious dishes


Da Nang cuisine

In Da Nang, tourists can eat from the cheap street foods like banh beo (bloating fern-shaped cake), banh nam (rice floor, with a bit of shrimp and pork meat being smashed) with the price range of a few thousands to the tasty dishes such as fermented thick Vietnamese vermicelli soup or mixed rice vermicelli with grilled pork with the price of 15.000 to 20.000 VND, or some loafs of bread with salted shredded pork from every streets

The beach with no garbage

No rubbish beach
At beach, no camping and no food on the sand are the common rule for anyone, locals and tourists to follow. Thus, the beach will has its own definition, meaning that it is just for visit, bathing and going for a walk.
That is all for the reasons to recognize Da Nang is the most worth living city Vietnam. Why don’t we take the package tour with the entire destinations above. For those who staying in Hanoi, just come to our booking office and meet our travel consultant and just let us know your need, your interest. We organize the tailor-made trips for you from Hanoi to Danang

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Have you ever visited Nha Trang? Which tourist attractions do you know to take a tour to Nha Trang? If your answer is “No” or “No idea”, please read this article for more ideas about Nha Trang – the city of beaches.

Nha Trang is famous for wonderful landscapes often recommend by the famous tourism websites as a great destination. Here are 8 cannot-miss places in Nha Trang for you:

Hon Mun Island – Hon Tam Island


Hon Mun Island is a spotlight place with the clean water and beautiful ecosystem of corals. It is recognized by World Wild Fund as the most diverse biological area in Vietnam
Hon Tam Island has the total area of approximately 100 ha. It is far from Nha Trang about 7km towards the Southeast. From Hon Tam Island, you can view all the city of beaches in the North and Cam Ranh Semi-peninsula in the South. In addition to the beautiful beach, it is well-known for discovery activities by submarine as well as diving services for sightseeing the colorful coral reefs.

Ninh Van Bay

Far from the city about 60km, the Bay has its pure and rustic beauty that is suitable for those who want to look for the comfortable feelings in the quiet sea space. When visiting Ninh Van Bay, tourists can take part in many thrilling activities such as surfing, kayaking and so on

Bao Dai Palace

Bao Dao Palace’s another name is Cau Da (Stone Bridge), located on Canh Long Mountain toward the sea. From the distance, it looks like a green dragon embracing the sea area of Nha Trang. It is used to be as the place for Bao Dai King to work and rest during his reign.


In summer, many kinds of flowers bloom colorfully, especially Poinciana

Five villas were built according to French architecture in the ground of 12 ha, hidden after the green foliage of Terminalia Catappa. In the summer, there are many blooming flowers, especially Poinciana. Standing from Bao Dai Palace, tourists can have the panoramic view to sightsee the whole city with the majestic landscapes

Aquarium Institute

The institute was established in 1923 to store a lot of strange creatures. Its location is No. 1 Cau Da, far from the city center about 6km towards the Southeast
In this place, there are more than 20.000 samples of 4.000 sea creatures collected and kept for years. It also displays a set of giant whale bone with 26 meters in length, 3 meters in height and 48 completely restored vertebrae.

Hon Chong– Hon Vo Island

The space of Hon Chong – Hon Vo Island is almost isolated from the bustle and hustle of the city. This place is considered as one of the most beautiful place for tourists to sightsee the whole city of beaches


Hon Chong – Hon Vo Island

Thap Ba Hot Spa Spring

Thap Ba Spa Spring is the place for health care services and also a famous attraction in Nha Trang. There are many services for health care such as bathing, soaking mainly with mineral mud. It is far from the city about 4km towards the North so it just takes you 20 minutes to drive.

You can read more about Tram mountain

Thap Ba Po Nagar

Po Nagar (the full name is Po Ina Nagar or Thap Ba) is a Champa temple located on a top of a small hill with 10 – 12 meters above the sea level in the Nha Trang River. It is just far from the city center about 2km towards the North. Currently, it belongs to Vinh Phuoc Ward
The name of Po Nagar Tower” is used to refer to the whole architecture work. However, actually, it is the name of the highest tower with 23 meters

The temple was built under the peak period of Hindu religious so the Goddess statue has the shape of Umar, the wife of Shiva
In brief, Nha Trang is so famous for the beautiful beaches in Vietnam. However, when visiting to the city, you can take a tour to other famous places like Hon Mun Island, Hon Tam Island, Bao Dai Palace, Aquarium Institute … to make your trip more memorable and wonderful. Read it and note down!

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Each month will have one typical kind of flower to make Hanoi more beautiful and attract more and more tourists

Peach blossom flower in January


The pink shade of peach blossom in the beginning of spring

Peach blossom flowers will bring the warmness of the spring with it to expel the coldness of winter. At the time the beach blossom blooms, the atmosphere of Lunar New Year holiday in Hanoi will come. All families and all people will go shopping and buy the essential things, especially the most beautiful peach bloom as they wish.
Peach blossom is beautiful from Nhat Tan Village to Hanoi. Especially, the spring is the best season to admire peach blossom in the Mau Son mountain. The straightly standing green trees with many various types of flowers, only walking also make you feel warm and wistful.

February – pure Alstonia scholaris and flowering Barringtonia acutangula

The delicate white petals vibrates in the wind on the streets is something that visitors cannot forget after sightseeing. Hanoi has the famous streets for Alstonia scholaris, which are Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Hoa Tham, Buoi and so on. The Alstonia scholaris flowers are as white as snow, blooming white over the green trees.
At the same time, Barringtonia acutangula will bloom. The flower is beautiful because of the long tiny petals and red red inflorescences decumbenting the surface of Sword Lake. Silhouetting on the surface of the lake through the branches of Barringtonia acutangula is the small turtle tower.

March is the season of Ban flower (Bauhinia Variegata)

Ban flower is not fragrant but fragile beautiful. There are 5 petals on each flower with the colors of red, white and purple. Sometimes, the white will intermingle with the purple on one flower.


Ban flowers bloom purple over the streets around West Lake

Such a stunning view when you can walk on the streets full of Ban flowers

April for lily

April of the dry and sunny weather will become more romantic and picturesque with the presence of lily. Enjoy every moments of sightseeing the white flower petals of lily before the exam season and the hot summer come.

West Lake lotus in May


The presence of lotus in May

In May, the lotus will bloom around West Lake so you can see there are many lotus flowers on 2 sides of streets. Tiny lotus buds knob on the water and fresh rose-colored petals blooms in the sunlight. So beautiful and fragrant! If tourists visit West Lake on the days of fully blooming lotus, they will have chance to take pictures or simply enjoy cups of lotus seed tea while sightseeing the West Lake lotus in the morning.

June with Giant Crape-myrtle and Flamboyant

Hanoi on the hot days suddenly becomes more romantic and cooler with the presence of Giant Crape-myrtle and Flamboyant on the streets such as Hoang Quoc Viet, Kim Me, etc.
The intermingling of the purple of Giant Crape myrtle and the red of Flamboyant create a romantic and beautiful summer picture for the capital city in Vietnam. So, the heating of summer cannot be a big obstacle any more!

Bright bunches of sunflowers in July


The bunches of sunflowers on the old bike of a vendor

In Hanoi, the sunflowers are grown much in Quang Ba flower village, right after the banana areas of peach blossom garden. Recently, Nhat Tan flower villages have grown a flower bed so that visitors can take photos in the season of the sunflowers.

October for Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranth
When the autumn is till present in Hanoi with the rays of sunlight and gentle wind, the Globe Amaranth will be sold all around the streets by the vendors. While seeing these bunches of flowers, the idyllic but glamorous purple shade will make you feel like that you are lost in a certain romantic movie scene.

November is time for daisy

This kind of flower just blooms in the very short time, about 2 weeks with the big bunches. What attracts visitors is its stiff but papery leaves forming the bunches of flowering daisy. Sightseeing and taking photos with this kind of flower is also very wonderful thing to do.

December is the start of Barbarea vulgaris on the riverbank

When the winter comes, in the cold weather, Hanoi youngsters will prepare beautiful clothes just for visiting the Barbarea vulgaris (also called common winter cress) and capturing the best poses at the yellow winter cress flower field. The immense space of Barbarea vulgaris flower field will make visitors agitate.


Season of blooming Barbarea vulgaris

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Hoi An doesn’t lack nice homestay but if you want to stay at quiet and poetic homestay, don’t hesitate to visit Heron House or some rooms in An Bang. 

The homestay below are foreigners’ favorite places by its space, comfort and tranquility.

Heron House


Many visitors coming Hoi An are looking for a quiet place to stay and Heron House is the ideal choice. However, the peaceful space with surrounding rice fields is not the only attraction of this resort for tourists. The house was redesigned on base of an old French building. There are only 3 rooms, but the rooms are spacious with 65 meter square and balconies overlooking ocean with many windows to get a lot of wind, sunlight. Sun loungers, coffee tables, hammocks are also available at the balcony for guests interested in a lazy day.
Because there are a few rooms, the owner here often take great care of every little detail with different colors. Here, there are also a swimming pool and a kitchen to welcome guests and they can cook favorite dishes themselves at the nice kitchen and relax by the swimming pool. The cost for per night is $120 each room, the special holidays or peak season, the price up to 140 dollars.

An Bang Seaside Village


Nearby the sea and the surrounding green trees are a plus point of this homestay

Homestay located among the fishing village started to open in 2012 with 9 rooms in 3 different locations. The same point of rooms is comfortable, surrounded by many trees, fruit trees. They were designed by the simple way, but the owner focuses on color that makes feeling youthful. Either choose a room overlooking ocean or garden, you can easily dive into cool water of ocean because the rooms are just about 50 to 100 meters.
These homestay named by fruits such as mango, papaya, avocado, bananas have room rates from 55 to 92 dollars. Two rooms overlooking the sea have the most expensive, with the price from 92 and 144 dollars, but you know, they have the great views and accommodate over 5 people. 3-room houses with flowers, the average price is 62 USD.

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Tram Mountain is famous for not only its ink painting-like scenery, but also a lot of relics and pagodas which have great spiritual significance and historical and cultural values

Tram Mountain in Phung Chau Commune, Chuong My District, Hanoi has another name, Ngu Nhac Son, which originates from a legend. It is believed that the mountain was formerly a white pearl from heaven. When the pearl fell to earth near the Day River, it turned into five phoenixes which are today five mountain peaks. The name of the mountains was then changed into Tu Tram Son.


Doai area’s countryside with paddy fields seen from Tram mountrain Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

It takes only 10 minutes to get halfway up the mountain where there is flat ground for tourists to have a panoramic view of five white peaks. Here, there are different paths leading to these peaks.
Tram Mountain is known as a spiritual destination with three ancient pagodas, including Tram, Hang and Vo Vi which are small but very sacred. Vo Vi, built in the 16th century with a total area of nearly 10m2, is the most well known. Most of the area of the pagoda is designed for worshipping Buddha. There is also a pavilion, called Nghenh Phong, where visitors can enjoy fresh winds and behold the romantic landscape formed by a river peacefully winding through rice paddies and the rural countryside.


An ancient poem praising the beauty of Tram Mountain is carved on a stone turtle’s shell Photo:Khanh Long/VNP

Right at the foot of Tram Mountain stands a 3m high entrance that leads to Hang (Cave) Pagoda where many stone Buddha statues are worshiped. Here, there are also various stalactites in different shapes and sizes, creating majestic scenery. Besides stone drums and statues from the Le Dynasty, the pagoda still preserves 15 ancient poems and literature works of great value on its stone walls.

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